Tina Pustovrh Puc has a deep and sincere belief in magical and mystical journey between body and soul. A journey that opens the door to inner self. This journey is the key to reach the divine, full, joyous, happy and healthy life. A journey that integrates all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


“Tina, thank you so much for the book 22. I found its content so familiar, all the topics that were covered in the book helped me to come even closer to my true self.”

– Tanja Pavic

“This book was my journey. Tina, thank you for the opportunity, thank you for this journey, thank you for all those questions that required sincere answers. The book showed me that the end is a new beginning (or postponed continuation of the journey).”

– Lejla Helbl

” I started reading book 22 when I left my job. The book really touched me. I really liked your style of writing. If I wouldn’t know you, I would have thought that the book was written by someone much older and experienced. The story is truly a deep one “

– Kristina Pukl

“I have been looking for higher meaning for so long. I read so many books, I spend a lot of time digging deeper. I wanted to truly understand and know myself. Amongst all those books I read, 22 was the one that truly touched me. It really calmed me down. I realized that I am not the only one with similar experiences. I have also experienced some difficult moments, I lost myself. Then I heard my inner voice. It was a very special feeling. I was really happy, because I had book 22 by my side. I knew that I was not alone. Today, my inner voice is the main compass in my life.”

– Maja Tomc

Institute IMBIA

Tina Pustovrh Puc is also Director & Owner of Institute IMBIA – an institute for Integration of Body, Mind & Inner Awareness.


Bodhi Retreat (created by Tina Pustovrh Puc) is a different kind of relaxing holiday. Those few days away from home teach us how to accept and to recognize our reality. How to hand over control and find confidence in life. Retreat shows us who we are. We get a chance to re-evaluate our life. It introduces us to the right steps that we need to start using, so our existence gets back a real, deep value. Then suddenly we stop looking at the future, searching for shortcuts, regretting the past, running away, rushing, but we learn to accept everything that is – on a special way – really here in now.

Everything about Bodhi Retreats HERE.