“Tina is a natural gifted mystic, author, writer, inspiring teacher and life mentor who is bringing a new light to this beautiful world.”

A philosophy of Life mentor and writer Tina Pustovrh Puc offers us the keys to unlock our inner world and to learn how to listen to it. To listen to the silence. The beautiful silence, rich with messages. The silence tells us what is going on inside us, who we are and where are we going to. It uses senses in our physical body to send us these messages. She deeply and sincerely believes that our body is an equally important key to integrated health, spiritual life and fullness, just like our soul and mind are, so she honestly trusts in their mutual connection, oneness and infinite power that create together. When they work in the same direction, for the same goal. For growth, development and life abundant with love, health, happiness and success.

Tina Pustovrh Puc is a new age mystic who integrates various approaches, natural methods and techniques to show to the world how easy is to start living your life to the fullest and to understand better who you are, what you wish to become, what is your journey, and why are there obstacles in certain situations, obstructions, energy slumps, various levels of health, vitality, compassion, love and understanding.


“I welcome each one of you to join me on this special mystical journey on which we are focused on bringing a new light to this world. I call the approach by which I teach, consult, share, write … LIFE MENTORING. Because, let’s be honest, it is about life. Everything is about life. Right here. Right now. To the fullest.”